Servers Solutions

Traversit offers enterprise business solutions for Mid-large corporations which have average large networks in multiple locations. Traversit experts are well-versed in designing, scaling hardware, software and the employees required to implement the specific requirements. Our competitive edge in both hardware & software, our customer gets one stop solution for their IT needs. Traversit works very closely with Major IT Hardware suppliers to fulfil customer needs on

  • Security - Information Security plays vital role.
  • Scalability - Our recommendations are futuristic to accommodate an increase in clients.
  • Version Control - We implement version controls on both OS and Software that helps reverse engineering, quicker PD & remedies, solutioning.
  • Portable - accommodate changes in technology.
  • Directory and naming services
  • Distributed transactions
  • Fault tolerance management
  • Load balancing and clustering
  • Database services
  • Licensing

Application Servers Solutions

Traversit is specialised in handling many types of application servers. Applications that run on application servers will receive requests from clients such as web browsers and using API program hooks will request or send information to/from other applications or through the interfaces to the specific service such as a database service. Traversit offers solutions related to Windows and Linux based Operating/Applications servers.

Network & Security

Traversit is proficient in designing, implementing, managing and securing IT infrastructural solutions which provide reliable network that can be scalable to suit our customers' network needs. Our infrastructure solutions enables the functionality of an organization's software applications enabling network expansion at a cost-efficient rate. Traversit is a partner of networking majors Cisco and Ruckus. Our Networking service is sufficiently advance and our solution covers the following:

  • Network Design & Consulting
    • Routers and Switches
    • Wireless routers
    • Cabling
    • IP/PBX (IP Telephony)
  • High speed Routing & switching
  • Structured Connectivity
  • Data Center Services
  • Security Solutions
    • Firewall set up and Mgmt.
    • Unified threat Mgmt.
    • Mobile device Security
    • Application Security
    • Vulnerability Mgmt.
    • Email and Web security

Storage Backup & Recovery Services

Traversit builds storage solutions to meet the capacity, performance and availability requirements of all our customer business applications whether those applications are running on virtualized or non-virtualized environments. Our Storage Solutions are to meet customer business applications RPO and RTO requirements to ensure when data corruption, data loss or other malfeasants' may occur that a speedy data recovery seamlessly.

Structured Cabling & Restructure

Traversit offers a versatile, expandable, cost-effective system to fit company's infrastructure growing needs. Our qualified team will create a schematic of exist/current network infrastructure, as well as create a better solution so that the benefits available to make your company's network more safe and secure.

A structured cabling system provides a platform upon which an overall information system strategy is built. We design and build flexible cabling infrastructures - structured cabling systems that support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems regardless of their manufacturer. We are a "one stop" for all your organization network infrastructure needs. We evaluate, design, install and optimise integrated system for your better connectivity.